The Big English Harbour Tour

Harbor Cruise On A Passenger Ship

Take a passenger ship to visit the big container ports in Waltershof and large parts of the Port of Hamburg.

The live presentation in English presents a mix of information and entertainment. The journey takes about 60 minutes. The ships depart from Landungsbrücken. They are equipped with on-board catering, clean restrooms and are partially wheelchair accessible. Your ticket is not tied to a fix date and can be transfered.

Important: English Tours just from April to October

Due to the current location, this tour will not take place until further notice.

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Start your experience

Experience the pulsating bustle of the Elbe and Hamburgs container terminals up close. Get inspired on this one-hour tour by shipyards, cruise ships and the largest container ships in the world. Our passenger ships will take you from Landungsbrücken 4 down the Elbe, past the museum submarine U434 and the Fish Market. After Haifischbar and Schellfischposten, you will see the Cruise Terminal 2 and the spectacular office building Dockland by star architect Hadi Teherani. Behind the Dockland the Schlepper-Brücke is located, where the little "powerhouses", tractors with up to 7500 PS, are waiting for their next assignment. They help large cargo ships maneuver in the Port of Hamburg.


Elbchaussee, Museum Harbor and Elbstrand

We continue our journey parallel to the Elbchaussee, Hamburgs most expensive residential street with its exclusive residential district on the Elbhang. Likely the most expensive retirement home in the North, the Augustinum, is located here fittingly on the bank of the Elbe. Directly behind the harbor museum at the Neumühlen-Övelgönne pier, the Hamburger Elbstrand (Elbe Beach) starts, where real Hamburgers enjoy views of the harbor rain or shine. Here they order coffee and especially beer at the legendary Bar Strandperle (Beach Pearl).

Waltershof, Container Terminals and Köhlbrandbrücke

While crossing the fairway looking downstream you will see the Airbus plant Finkenwerder and the pilot guide station with the nautical center of the Port of Hamburg. We continue our journey south towards the Waltershofer Harbor. Here the largest container terminals in Hamburg are located as well as the Euro Gate of Eckelmann AG and the Burchardkai operated by HHLA (Hamburger Hafen Logistik Aktiengesellschaft). Ashore you can observe the typical "straddle carriers" at work. They are special vehicles measuring up to 12 meters in height. They transport the containers from the truck parking lots to the more than 42 meters tall gantry cranes at quayside. Here you are able to see one of the most famous landmarks of Hamburg: the Köhlbrandbrücke. It opened in 1974. The up to 56 meters high lanes of this huge bridge connect the old eastern parts of the port with the new western container terminals.

Tollerort, Steinwerder and the docks of Blohm & Voss

We return to the main fairway and proceed towards Hamburgs "Bermuda Triangle" where the Köhlbrand empties into the Norderelbe. Here, where the strongest maritime traffic prevails, it can sometimes get very shaky. In the Kuhwerder Vorhafen we take a look at the Tollerort Container Terminal and at the third Hamburg Cruise Terminal which is located just across from here in Steinwerder. Its inauguration was in spring 2015. It handles up to 8,000 passengers daily. Our tour continues past the new docks of the large Blohm & Voss shipyard and we return to the main fairway, where we can see the second largest floating dock in the world: the 330 meters long Dock 11. Followed by Dock 10 and the dry dock Elbe 17 where the famous cruise liner Queen Mary II by the shipping company Cunard Line is serviced regularly.


Großer Grasbrook, Norderelbbrücken and Hafen City

Our route takes us past the southern exit of the old Elbe Tunnel and the musical theaters on the Great Grasbrook with the Southwest Terminal, one of the last cargo terminals, and the car train terminal at O'Swaldkai. Here up to 15,000 cars, construction machinery and agricultural machinery are shipped monthly all over the world. While turning around we see the Norderelbbrücken in the east which mark the end of maritime vessel harbor. On our way back we pass the HafenCity University and the Hamburg Cruise Center, the third cruise terminal in the HafenCity. We show you the Marco Polo Tower, one of the most expensive residential real estate buildings in Hamburg and finally our new Hamburg landmark - the infamous Elbphilharmonie. While viewing the original Hamburg landmark -the Hamburger Michel, the St. Michaelis Church we proceed past the museum ship Cap San Diego and past the famous three-masted barge Rickmer Rickmers before ending the tour at Landungsbrücken.

Port Panorama and comfort for everyone

During the one-hour trip, our skipper will tell you all about the harbor and provide interesting and entertaining information. Our passenger ships are among the most comfortable, latest and safest ships on the Elbe. They are largely wheelchair accessible and therefore particularly suitable for wheelchair users or families with strollers. Up to 500 passengers are able to enjoy the view in the sheltered salons with panoramic windows or to experience the Hamburg Harbor outside on the sundeck while breathing the fresh Elbe air. Our on-board catering service offers tasty snacks, drinks, coffee and cake. Welcome on board.

Special Features Large Harbor Tour

The paddle steamer Louisiana Star is also part of our passenger ship fleet. It is a special attraction for many visitors. The ship, which is also affectionately called "Louie," will travel the same route at the same price. Please note that passenger ships cannot pass through the canals of the Speicherstadt because they are too high for the many low bridges. For a trip through the Speicherstadt please choose one of our smaller barges.

Important information about booking online:

* Tickets for harbor cruises are not tied to fix date or time. 
* Simply proceed to the pier on your desired date and show your printed ticket or your voucher. 
* Tickets must be printed after online booking and submitted in paper to the organizers upon entry the boats
* The reported online prices are only valid for online booking via HTI

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